‘Your Computer Has Been Locked’ Message is a ransomware virus. ‘Your Computer Has Been Locked’ message has been related to various viruses. FBI Moneypak, Canadian Police virus, Ukash Virus, French Police virus and list goes on and on. After locking machine this ransomware demands user to pay fine from anywhere $100 to $200. It demands you pay fine within 72 hours to avoid arrest. In US this ransomware is targeting under FBI’s name. There are several series of FBI virus. It tells user that your computer has been locked for violating law. It is scare tactic used by cybercriminal to threaten users with this type of fake messages. You should do your own research before paying any fine. No Government organization locks PC and demands fine to pay in this manner. After getting into your PC your screen is completely locked up and you will see message that reads Your Computer Has Been Locked. No matter what you try it does not unlock the PC. It locks your task manager and start up menu. You cannot do anything to remove that message. We highly recommend removing this virus as soon as possible and unlocking your PC. To remove ‘Your Computer Has Been Locked’ Message, follow our instruction guide. Read More →