White Screen Virus is a ransomware virus. It locks your computer after you login. Your computer screen goes white. We have heard of black screen of death. Now this new version is called white screen of death. Your screen does not return to normal after trying so many reboots and other methods. Even if you try hitting sleep or escape button White Screen Virus still remain on your computer. CTRL + ALT + DEL does nothing on your screen. This virus has direct connection to Reventon virus. This particular group of virus are been hijacking user’s computer and locking them down. To remove those lock White Screen Virus ask for payment via Monyepak, Paypal, Ukash, SafeCard, CashU, MoneyGram and other well known cash payment system. Do not be victim of such a scam. You should get rid of this virus if you can get into safe mode with networking. For some reason if that option is not viable then you might need PC experts and remove White Screen Virus immediately. More you delayed more damage it can cause.
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