This website has been blocked for you is a message from scary virus. This message tells Computer user that PC is likely corrupted by a Windows files. This website has been blocked for you changes the host files and hijack your browser. Typically user visits to Facebook, Wiki, Paypal, Google, Youtube, Bing, AOL, CNN, Fox, ESPN or any other populate sites. This website has been blocked for you messages add entry into all those popular site into the hostfile and redirect them to fake site. Sometimes virus changes the configuration setting to that you cannot even open the file. So you feel helpless. For all those popular site when user enter into browser message appears that “The website has been blocked of your recent activity. Your actions had been marked as spam bot like, to visit this website again follow instructions on the left. This is made for security reasons. Please take your time to go through the verification process to restore you access to blocked websites, thank you for your time!”. Then it ask you to click on unblock button. Do not click on it. Rather follow this guide and remove “This website has been blocked for you” message along with other infected files.
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