Strong Vault Online Backup is freeware application for backing up data. Strong Vault Online Backup do backup, however, it also collect lot of private information. We do not believe Strong Vault Online Backup is sharing that information with anyone else. It also believes to be changing home page of your browser and tracks the records of your search and data via SEARCHQU tool. So far no damage occurs to user. When user try to uninstall this app everything start falling apart. Even though it has uninstaller app it does not completely remove Strong Vault Online Backup. It left some program in the system and causes headache for other program like antivirus. Antivirus program keep complaining about this application, but cannot remove it. Mostly when use install free video player more than likely they are also installing this freeware application. We have created this simple guide to remove and uninstall all left over from Strong Vault Online Backup. Please follow this guide and see if you can remove this program.
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