The Ministerio del Interior (Gobierno de Espana) Virus is one that can be classified as RansomWare since it does not harm your computer, it just makes it so that you have to pay them in order to get your computer fixed. If you are in a continent other than Europe, rest assured because this virus mainly targets countries in Europe, especially the ones that are Spanish speaking. This virus basically locks your screen saying that it is from the Spanish Government and accusing you of doing something illegal and that you will have to pay a small fine in order to get your computer back. The maker has made it so that everything looks real and that it doesn’t seem like a fake program. The Ministerio del Interior (Gobierno de Espana) Virus is downloaded from malicious websites or ones that are hacked and also from Spam E-mail, when they are opened it will download itself onto your computer and once that is done it will take over your security system and internet and connect to its main server and send your information to it. Once that is done when commanded it will disable your Task Manager, Registry Editor and Safe Mode when your computer is starting up. Then it will lock your computer, set your desktop background to the once saying that you have done something illegal such as child pornography or sending copyrighted files. And then it will inform you that you will need to pay a small fine or that in order to get back your computer or you will be deprived of your liberty. But keep in mind that this is all fake; it is just accusing you of this just to get Euro 100 or more. There is a way to get rid of this virus, but that includes booting from Safe Mode with Networking instead of regular Safe Mode. Read More →