Information Security and Control Act (ISCA) 2012 Virus is another infection out there on internet using Government Office name. This malicious application created by hackers to perform dirty tricks on innocent people to make easy money. Just like Ukash, FBI MoneyPak, and Canandian Police virus Information Security and Control Act (ISCA) 2012 virus also locks the user’s computer and the user cannot do anything. If you pay this application random (fine) it will unlock the computer. However it will leave traces of its existence behind. Meaning your computer will be still infected with Trojan and other viruses. It’s just a matter of time and you will see another infection popping out and asking you for money. Like other randomware viruses this completely locks your machine even in safe mode. It shuts down all the important services like windows update, windows firewall, windows background intelligent service and many more. These services are essentials for running your PC safe and secure. Without them your system is wide open for attacks. We highly recommend to get rid of Information Security and Control Act (ISCA) 2012 Virus immediately. Read More →