FBI Black Screen of Death Virus is also known as FBI Moneypak virus. It is very similar to other ransomware we have seen. Only difference is it is using FBI’s name and FBI’s logo. However this is not genuine message from FBI. It is fake virus. Most likely you have clicked on any free virus scanner site or free movie download and this virus get penetrated in your system. FBI Black Screen of Death virus is dangerous as it locks your computer and shows message claiming you are in violation of Federal law and your computer has been locked. Also it shows this operating system is locked due to the violation of the federal laws of the United States of America! (Article 1, Section 8, Clause 8; Article 202; Article 210 of the Criminal Code of U.S.A. provides for a deprivation of liberty for four to twelve years). It demands you pay $200 fine to unlock your machine and it ask you to pay via MoneyPak. If you received any error while submitting moneypak Code it ask you to send codes to fine@fbi.gov email address. To unlock your PC from FBI Black Screen of Death Virus follow this guide. If you are unable to unlock your machine then you will need technical help with our experts. Read More →