How to remove DirtyDecrypt.exe file locking ransomware virus

DirtyDecrypt.exe file locking ransomware virus locks files. This virus appears to locking specific files. That includes photos, pdf files, excel, and other financial data. It does not lock all files. But very specific to files that recently been used or modified. When user tries to open file or PDF file DirtyDecrypt.exe locks that files and shows it is been encrypted. It shows following message on screen:

File is encrypted
This file can be decrypted using the program DirtyDecrypt.exe
Press CTRL+ALT+D to run DirtyDecrypt.exe
If DirtyDecrypt.exe not opened сheck the paths:
C:\Program Files\Dirty\DirtyDecrypt.exe
C:\Documents and Settings\[USERNAME]\Local Settings\Application Data\Dirty\DirtyDecrypt.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\Dirty\DirtyDecrypt.exe
C:\Documents and Settings\[USERNAME]\Application Data\Dirty\DirtyDecrypt.exe

It asks for $100 or 100 Euro to decrypt those files and get rid of that virus. This is new type of ransomware. Previously we have seen viruses where it locks screen and user have to buy MoneyPak or Ukash. But DirtyDecrypt.exe file locking ransomware virus is newer version or improved version of threat. Most antivirus cannot detect DirtyDecrypt.exe file. This exe also encrypts files and folder. It can load Rootkit to computer browser and causes headache for computer users. Most likely DirtyDecrypt.exe file locking ransomware virus removes all restored point and known good configuration. Some command file shows up on screen asking you to run. But do not run this program. To remove DirtyDecrypt.exe file locking ransomware virus please follow this guide. For some reason if you cannot decrypt your files please get in touch with our tech experts.
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