Cryptorbit is another version of ransomware. It locks computer and demand ransom. This latest version is another incarnation of cryptolocker and Dirtydecreypt virus. This version encrypts various data files, photos and videos files. Each time you open those encrypted document it shows message that your personal files are encrypted. It demands anywhere from $50 to $300 to decrypt those files. Here the message on Cryptorbit virus:

Your personal files are encrypted.
All files including videos, photos and documents, etc. on computer are encrypted.
Encryption was produced using a unique public key generated for this computer. To decrypt files, you need to obtain the private key.
The single copy of the private key, which will allow you to decrypt the files, located on a secret server on the Internet; the server will destroy the key after a time specified in this windows. After that, nobody and never will be to restore files.
File decryption cost ~ $50.
In order to decrypt the files, open site and follow the instruction.
If is not opening, please following steps below:
1. You must download and install this browser:
2. After installation, run the browser and enter the address:
3. Follow the instructions on the web-site. We remind you that the sooner you do, the more changes are left to recover the files.
Guaranteed recovery is provided within 10 days.

This is newer way to make money from malware. Since encryption is individual to computer and user key. It is hard to crack those keys. Here is the guide designed to remove Cryptorbit virus. In most of the cases you should be able to remove this virus using this guide. For some reason if you cannot remove Cryptorbit virus then get in touch with our tech experts.
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