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Search.certified-toolbar.com is a browser hijacker toolbar. Search.certified-toolbar.com installs toolbar in your browser. It changes default homepage and search setting in such a way it redirects all the searches to Search.certified-toolbar.com. It changes the shortcut of many programs so your link always opens Search.certified-toolbar.com. For example if your windows word program got infected then when you click on any word document it will open Search.certified-toolbar.com instead of actual document. This is just one example. There are many ways it can changes your default programs. It installs Certified Toolbar 2.1 and Protected Search 1.1 together to make your life difficult. To remove Search.certified-toolbar.com browser hijacker and Protected Search from your registry and system files, you need to remove infected setting. You can remove either via registry setting or programmatically like we have described here. Please use this guide and learn how you can remove Search.certified-toolbar.com easily.
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