Australian Federal Police (AFP) Ukash virus is latest ransomware. As name suggest Australian Federal Police (AFP) Ukash virus targets Australia. It is part of same ransomware family we have seen over the years. It gets into your PC via some tricky ways. Normally if you click on link of any unknown site then most likely it just gets into your PC. Once PC is infected AFP Virus locks the PC completely. It does not let you download any file. It does not even let you go to any other program. It just freezes your screen. It shows some legal terms on PC and demand you pay AUD $100 to unblock the PC. Der Computer ist für die Verletzung der Gesetze der Republik Österreich blockiert worden AFP virus even tells you if you do not pay fine, you could go in prison. Most users do not know about laws and they just blindly pay this fine. But in reality it is just scam and you should not pay anything and focus on getting rid of this virus. If you do remove this virus in timely manner AFP Ukash virus can lock your computer completely and does not even let you go in safe mode with networking. In such case you will need technician help. But if it is just in beginning stages then you will be able to remove this virus just by yourself. To remove Australian Federal Police (AFP) Ukash virus yourself please follow our guide. Read More →