LinkSwift Deals is very nasty adware program. Which can automatically installs and executes corrupt files without of user permission. This horrible virus attacks all browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and change the setting of your default browser like home page, DNS setting, plug in and ad-on. When you type in address bar for visit specific website then your browser always redirects you on some strange websites special for LinkSwift Deals page unwanted pop-up will arrive and interrupt you for performing your tasks. This LinkSwift Deals virus can hijack users computer and changes all the settings like browser’s default home page, DNS settings. And this virus is to enforce you to visit LinkSwift Deals website even if you don’t want and whenever you try to open any website then it will redirect you on LinkSwift Deals. This virus automatically install corrupt files without your permission and degrade your browsing speed because of it will open unnecessary ads and webpage so it will be interrupt your browser task. This LinkSwift is pretend as powerful search engine but in real world it has not single functionality same as search engine so when you type any search query in that then no result will come out. The main purpose of this redirect virus is to promote some products to you. This virus promotes some fake anti-malware products and enforce them for purchase it and they deceive innocent computer users in all over the world. This stubborn infection has the capabilities to the turn on your webcame and captures your images and confidential information like, your credit card number, username, password, address and misuse of them in wrong direction. Moreover once it installs in your compute then it will open wide backdoor for other malwares. In addition, this virus affects system registries and configuration files so performance of your computer will be on ground floor so you need to come out from this nasty redirect virus as fast as possible.

Solution to remove LinkSwift Deals virus :

To remove this virus manually:
Step 1: Remove all suspicious process windows Task Manager and all suspicious program from system drive.
Step 2: Open Windows Start Menu and type %appdata% into the search field and press Enter. And remove suspicious folders from APPDATA folder
Step 3: Navigate to: Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup. After that stop unnecessary programs from your startups so your computer performance will be better.
Step 4: Remove all temporary files from your computer.
Step 5: Open Windows Start Menu and type %userprofile% into the search field and press enter. In user profile folder remove those files which extensions are random
Step 6: Remove registries of LinkSwift Deals virus.
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run: [Keskusrikospoliisi ] %CommonAppData%\ifdstore\security_defender.exe /min
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\ LinkSwift Deals virus\UninstallString “%AppData%[RANDOM CHARACTERS][RANDOM CHARACTERS].exe” –u
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\ LinkSwift Deals virus\ShortcutPath “%AppData%\[RANDOM CHARACTERS]\[RANDOM CHARACTERS].exe” –u
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\ LinkSwift Deals virus\DisplayName LinkSwift Deals virus

Please, note that manual removal of virus is complex procedure and should be performed with extreme caution. Lack of the required skills and even the slightest deviation from the instructions may lead to irreparable system damage. So to better help you call us 1-800-518-8533.

Step-by-Step guide to remove LinkSwift Deals virus (Method 1) :

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Step 1: Print out these instructions as you will need to shut down the computer in next step. Need help call us at: 800-518-8533

Step 2: Now power down the LinkSwift Deals virus infected computer and wait for 30 Seconds before you turn on.

Step 3: Now please turn ON the computer and immediately keep hitting F8 until you see WINDOWS ADVANCED OPTIONS MENU as shown below.
Windows F8 Key

Step 4: In the WINDOWS ADVANCED OPTIONS MENU, go down to the SAFE MODE WITH NETWORKING using the arrow keys on the board. Then press ENTER on the keyboard. This will take your computer to Safe mode. Safe Mode will cause the display and desktop icons to appear changed. This is normal. No need to Panic as it is due to LinkSwift Deals virus.
Safe mode Option

Step 5: Now we must end all the processes that belong to LinkSwift Deals virus so that it does not interfere with your ability clear your computer. MigAutoPlay.exe is the processed that needs to be stopped. To do this we need to download Rkill, developed by Bleepingcomputer to help stop the computer process of LinkSwift Deals virus. Now please hold down the WINDOWS key and the R key simultaneously to open RUN dialog box.
Run command Prompt

Step 6: Now type “iexplore.exe” and hit the OK button.

Step 7: Save the Rkill.exe on your desktop. Double-click the Rkill icon and run Rkill.exe. You will see a black MS DOS dialog box. Now it will kill all the processes of LinkSwift Deals virus. It will take several minute before a Notepad file containing log information on what Rkill found will open. You may review it and close notepad file.

Step 8: Now you are ready to removal all the infection related to LinkSwift Deals virus. For that you need to use Malwarebytes software. It is a very popular malware and spyware removal application. Now please hold down the WINDOWS key and the R key simultaneously to open RUN dialog box. Type “iexplore.exe” and hit the OK button.

Need help for removing with LinkSwift Deals virus infection then call us at 800-518-8533 or chat with our experts.

Step 9: Save the mbam.exe on your desktop. Double click the Malwarebytes icon and run mbam.exe. Now the SELECT SETUP LANGUAGE dialog box will appear. Select your preferred language and hit press OK button.
Malwarebytes Language

Step 10: The Malwarebytes SETUP WIZARD will show blow screen Hit the NEXT button to continue.
Malwarebytes Wizard

Step 11: Now the LICENSE AGREEMENT screen will appear as shown. Accept the agreement and hit NEXT button.
Malwarebytes License Agreement

Step 12: Now the Information screen will appear. Click on next button and continue following the steps.
LinkSwift Deals virus- Malwarebytes Information

Step 13: SELECT DESTINATION LOCATION screen will appear now. You can choose the location where Malwarebytes can be installed. We recommend choosing the default location as shown then click NEXT button.
 LinkSwift Deals virus - Malwarebytes Install path

Step 14: Now the SELECT START MENU FOLDER screen will appear. Let the default as it is and click NEXT button.
Step-by-Step guide to remove LinkSwift Deals virus- Malwarebytes Folder

Step 15: Now the SELECT ADDITIONAL TASKS screen will appear. If you want a Desktop Icon or Quick Launch icon then check appropriate boxes.

Step 16: READY TO INSTALL screen will come next. Hit the INSTALL button to install Malwarebytes.
 LinkSwift Deals virus - Ready to Install

Step 17:In this step let the UPDATE and LAUNCH checked as it is to update the application with latest malware definition to capture all the malwares then click FINISH button.

Step 18 : Once update is done then Scanner screen will launch. Make sure to select PERFORM FULL SCAN is selected to clean up LinkSwift Deals virus infection. Click on SCAN button to start the scan.
full scan

Step 19 : Now choose the local drives that you want to scan from the dialog box and click SCAN button.
 LinkSwift Deals virus - drive

Step 20 :Be patient as the scan will take several minutes before it cleans up LinkSwift Deals virus infection. Once the scan is finished, a message box saying the scan is complete will appear. Click OK button to close the box then click SHOW RESULTS button.
drive selection

Step 21 :From results dialog box choose REMOVE SELECTED button to remove all the infections found. Malwarebytes will also delete all of the files and registry keys affected by LinkSwift Deals virus and add them to the quarantine.
 LinkSwift Deals virus- quarantine

Step 22 :Malwarebytes may require you to reboot the PC to complete the LinkSwift Deals virus (Removal Steps). After completions reboot your computer Malwarebytes will be launched, please follow the instructions on the screen and continue the removal process. Once everything is clean out a log will be open created by Malwarebytes. Please reviewed it and closed it. Now your computer should be free of LinkSwift Deals virus. Enjoy.
 LinkSwift Deals virus- Complete

Step 23 :Keep Antivirus up to date and active. If you do not have antivirus then we offer antivirus software at this link

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Step-by-Step guide to remove LinkSwift Deals virus (Method 2) using YouTube Video:

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Want to try McAfee to remove LinkSwift Deals virus.
Antivirus Protection for Step-by-Step guide to remove LinkSwift Deals virus (Unlock PC)

Symptoms of LinkSwift Deals virus :

It changes browser homepage.
It shows lot of advertisements.
Computer starts acting up and performs slower.
Unknown and unwanted websites are automatically opened frequently.

Step-by-Step guide to remove LinkSwift Deals virus and Safety Tips :

1. Run the Malwarebytes using these steps for Step-by-Step guide to remove LinkSwift Deals virus
2. Make sure your computer is up to date with windows updates.
3. Make sure Windows Firewall is enable.
4. Install reputable and commercial Step-by-Step guide to remove LinkSwift Deals virus.
5. Keep the Antivirus active and current
6. Makes sure you have latest version of Java and flash are installed.
7. Ensure your Adobe is also up-to-date.
8. Call tech support help line: 1-800-518-8533 if you are unable remove this infection or have any question or concern.

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