Service Plan

If you cannot fix any issue by yourself using our self help guide you can choose our paid service to have access to our technical staff and we guarantee to remove the infection. For some reason if we cannot remove the infection we will refund your money back.

One Time Incidents Plan:

Below are our one time fix services! With that, we offer you 7 normal days warranty if you still have concerned about your computer’s health you can have it checked and get it fixed for free within your warranty time period after the purchase of the service. Call us toll free if you need to know more about our services.

Wireless Setup$49.95
Virus / Malware removal$69.95
Printer setup$49.95
Spyware removal$69.95
PC Tune up$49.95
Device Driver Update and Repair Service$69.95
System issues fix up$49.95
Microsoft Office/Email Setup Service$49.95
Any TWO services from abve$99.95


Yearly Service Plans:

We value your business and want to have long-term relationship with you. We offer you very affordable Yearly Service Plan that includes all the above services as many times you as you need it! To purchase our yearly plan please call us at 1.800.518.8533


1 computer / 1 year$190.00
1 computer / 2 years$330.00
1 computer / 3 years$480.00
3 computers / 1 year$300.00
3 computers / 2 years$500.00
3 computers / 3 years$700.00

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