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We at Fixpcyourself are passionate, dedicated group of computer security Inc. We provide you free step by step guide for you to fix your computer yourself! Our Free steps work well, while the virus or malware is in initial stage. If the virus or malware has progressed well beyond first stage, most likely steps will not work! At that point you will need a computer doctor who can remotely log-in to your PC and delete the viruses and malwares manually. That’s when we come to rescue your PC! Give us a call if your infection is beyond 1st stage or visit us at www.thecomputersecurity.com

How to remove virus

Brainstorming is natural so check out few storms that need to calm down your mind! If you can’t find an answer to your question please do not hesitate to contact us via live chat and we will be more than happy to help you clear all your doubts.

Is this a free service?
Too good to be true? but fortunately yes! 100%, if you can do it yourself! Just follow the step by step user friendly guide, the tools that we offer are fully functional but free trial version that will deliver you the result, then If you like it then you sure can make the purchase but it’s not entirely necessary!

Would it solve my problem?
Yes Certainly, if your infection is in the beginning stage! It has been proven so effective that we have been liked on our Facebook Page by more than 1000 people within the last 3 months! That means we have saved these people lots of money by providing them free guide to do it themselves.

How True is it?
It is true you can fix pc yourself using our guide. In the last three months, we have had over 1200 comments in form of success stories from different people about how they fixed their PC themselves. (July 2012 to Oct 2012) you could check out our recent comments here

How do we make money if everything is free?
We also provide our remote technical support to fix complicated issues that cannot be fixed by you and needs professional assistance. That’s where we make money! But, if you are able to fix it yourself you would not need any support.

What if I can’t fix it myself?
You should be able to fix it yourself in the initial stages of any infection! but unfortunately If your infection has spread and you are unable to fix it yourself, then we do provide you our technical support 24/7 to fix it for you! We also have a No Fix No Pay Policy. For more information on our service plan refer here

Where do I get help, if I have a question regarding the steps or cannot find the solution that I am looking for?
We are sitting right here waiting to hear from you so just connect us in live chat!
Click on the icon with the orange guy lying down with his computer on your middle right screen! and we will help you there with any of your free steps related questions!

How do i contact the Technical Support Team?
U.S and Canada can call us toll free at 800-518-8533

What if I am not in USA or Canada and I need help?
No problem with that, with the internet being global, please connect to our live chat, by clicking on the icon with the orange guy lying down with his computer on your middle right screen! and leave us with your name and contact number, and we will call you back!

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