Attention – your software may be out of date virus is an adware program. It is designed to scam user. It forces user with following message on computer browser:

Attention – your software may be out of date!
Software Updater analyzes your computer for out of date software and recommends the latest updates to download.
+ Avoid Vulnerabilities
+ Reduce Software Crashes
+ Optimize Your Browsing Experience
Software End User Agreement
Air Software strives to provide exceptional software products that help to make the experience with your personal computer more enjoyable. Software Updater is a software product created by Air Software that, once downloaded and installed by you, will scan for third party software products that have been installed on your computer system. Once the scan is complete, Software Updater will notify you of any updates or upgrades available for the third party software products installed on your computer. By installing and using software updates you hereby authorizing this software to collect your data.

This virus get into computer system via other tools and software that user downloaded. It tricks user to installing this unwanted software. This software later targets users with unwanted ads and other undesired additional tools. It can steal your personal data and other information. This guide is specifically designed to remove Attention – your software may be out of date virus.
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If you are seeing message “Infected files have corrupted your Flash Player” then you are victim of virus that is newly developed to scam users. This infection is designed to scam user via generating fake web traffic. Collecting sales leads and promotes advertisements on user’s computer. It can even sales your personal information collected when you are unaware of it. Infected files have corrupted your Flash Player virus even asks user to re-install program or download other unwanted program. Some of this program can add addition adware or malware to computer system. You must be wondering how in the world you downloaded this virus. When you unknowingly downloaded free tool you also have downloaded this virus. You should remove this virus immediately. If you not remove this in timely fashion then you are taking risk of losing and even compromising your personal information with other site. We highly recommend you should remove Infected files have corrupted your Flash Player virus immediately. Read More → is browser hijacker virus. After installing itself on computer it start changing windows default configuration. First it changes browser homepage. IE, Chrome and Firefox are primary browsers are impacted with this virus. It even changes default search engine on browser. Many computer programmers can argue that is not true exhibit of virus. However when some program changes your default setting of all short cut and also changes windows start up menu it is not normal. It forces user to visit site for no reason. By doing this virus is artificial injecting traffic. It even share data with other site and uses such data for personal gain. You should remove immediately. If you do not get rid of this virus then you are taking huge risk of losing personal data and your financial information can be compromised. Read More → is malicious site. It can be classified as virus. Not only it hijacks browsers, it also changes various system configuration. Some of those changes includes browser homepage, change in default search engine and change in browser settings. It changes all windows shortcuts and desktop application in such a way that site opens up. It even changes windows configuration and specially Windows Start up program so that opens up. Some Malware experts believe this is PUP or unwanted program. It is added browser extension and browser helper objects in such a way that your browser can be control by Primary target of this domain is to make money from selling your personal data to other site. It pushes a lot of advertisements and bombard user with lot of offers on online search they performed on various sites. This virus typically get installed when user downloads free music of movie convertor software. Some user are not aware of this virus being getting downloaded. Here is guide designed to remove virus that hijack browser. If you cannot remove this virus using this guide then get in touch with our technical team. They would more than happy to assist you with removal of remove virus.
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Windows Ultimate Booster virus is another addition from fakevimes group of virus. It is a fake security program. Some antivirus program detect this as malware. But not all antivirus can effectively remove this malware. This malware is tricky as it keep changing location and hide under system files. Once it is downloaded (of course without user’s knowledge) it runs scan of computer and detects that computer has infected with various viruses. Also it shows various firewall and system error. Here are the messages from this virus threat:

Windows Ultimate Booster
Firewall has blocked a program from accessing the Internet
C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe is suspected to have infected your PC. This type of virus intercepts entered data and transmits them to a remote server.

Windows Ultimate Booster
Trojan activity detected. System integrity at risk. Full system scan is highly recommended.

Warning! Identity theft attempt detected by Windows Ultimate Booster
Hidden connection IP:
Target: Microsoft Corporation keys
Your IP:

These message could any computer user. As soon as user click on remove viruses from Windows Ultimate Booster application then it ask user to buy full version of software. This is trick to take money from user. You should remove Windows Ultimate Booster virus immediately as it could steal your data and person information. This virus is also known for sharing your personal data with other sites. This special edition of guide designed to remove Windows Ultimate Booster virus from root which is system files, windows configuration files and registry settings.
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