Why Do I see This Page virus is a scary virus designed to block your access. It blocks access to search engines like Google, Bing, AOL, Youtube and social networking sites like Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, etc. It display following message on screen:

Why do I see this page?
Facebook, eBay, MySpace, Tumblr, Twitter, Google, Youtube, IMDB and many other sites have been blocked.
We have noticed some unusual activity from you recently
To get Access to all of these pages again please verify that you are human.
Click Here to Verify
After completing a survey you will receive instructions how to access these pages again.
We’re sorry to cause You any discomfort and hope You understand.

Once your computer is infected with Why Do I see This Page virus it changes host file and redirects all known site to blocked page. It also hide host file in such a way that user cannot modify it. Also it force user to complete the survey and it takes your personal information. It force user to pay $5 every week. Since this is new category of ransomware, solution provide will work only for some cases. To remove Why Do I see This Page virus completely you need to follow this guide closely. If you cannot remove this virus using this guide then feel free to contact us and we will be happy to assist you.
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AVASoft Professional Antivirus is a fake security program. We believe this fake antivirus program is part of group of malware of Live Security Platinum family. The purpose of this fake program is to mislead user via showing fake security scan and alerts. AVASoft Professional Antivirus force user into buying unwanted and useless software that provides not security. In contrast, it obtains your credit card, personal information and other private data along with access to your computer. AVASoft Professional Antivirus is a dangerous virus and should not be trusted in any major. Not only it violates basic principles of web via downloading itself without permission, AVASoft Professional Antivirus also causes countless issue with system files and registry setting. Sometimes it even disabled existing windows updates and security features that lead to invite inevitable viruses and malwares. Once it is in your computer system it does not let you download any security program or any updates. So removing AVASoft Professional Antivirus can be tricky task if instruction provided here is not followed properly. To remove AVASoft Professional Antivirus virus you need to get into safe mode with networking option. We have designed this guide to ease this removal process. Please follow this carefully and if you cannot remove the virus then feel free to get in touch with our team.
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Sector Not Found is a fake system message. It is generated by malware named HDD system repair virus. The physical appearance of System Message looks real however it is tricking user to buy faulty software that does not do anything. Most Viruses are software or operating system based. While System Message – Section Not Found virus is hardware based. Below the message from Sector Not Found:

System Message – Section Not Found
The drive cannot find the sector requested. A data integrity checksum error occurred. Data in the file stream is corrupted.

This virus also hides desktop icons. System Message – Section Not Found virus hides system files and important files making you think you have lost many files. We highly recommend removing System Message – Section Not Found virus immediately. It can steal your personal information and financial data. To remove System Message – Section Not Found virus we had designed simple steps
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Amazon Smart Search redirects your searches. It is classified as browser hijacker or rootkit virus. It adds addons and extension on Chorme, Firefox and Internet Explorer. Amazon Smart Search changes DNS setting and also it add default home page to Amazon Smart Search. Whenever user tries to look for Google, Bing or Yahoo Amazon Smart Search appears as their search engine. Amazon Smart Search also installs search toolbar in browser via plugin. Amazon Smart Search installs as plugin and does not bother to get user consent. Even user remove it via control panel, still Amazon Smart Search keep coming back and annoy users. It can also show unwanted pop-up ads and other ads. Amazon Smart Search frequently changes website to other unwanted sites. It also keeps track of shopping habits and your online activities which is scary part for your privacy. It can slow down your computer performance drastically. So we highly suggest you to remove Amazon Smart Search virus as soon as possible using this guide.
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Su Licencia ha Caducado is SMS scam message from a virus. It blocks Microsoft Windows and user cannot get to desktop. It further tells user that license has expired and user needs to verify. Su Licencia ha Caducado message is been targeting Spanish user. It is supposed to send SMS message. As you have guessed message is bogus and has nothing to do with Microsoft Corporation. It is designed to scare user and force them to pay ransom. So it can be classified as Ransomware. Here is message from the virus:

Microsoft Windows “Su licencia ha caducado” SMS Vertification Scam
Validacion por telefono No disponible
Validacion por Internet: No disponible
Validacion por SMS: Disponible
Su licencia de Windows ha caducado, usted dispone de la Validacion por SMS, realize los siguientes pasos para obtener su nueva licencia de forma gratuita.
-Seleccione su pais y haga clic en “Verificar”.
– Envie un SMS con la palabra al y recibira un mensaje de verificacion. Luego de recibir el mensaje de verificacion, reenvie el SMS para obtener un codigo de acceso. Costo del SMS: Sin costo
-Introduzca su codigo de acceso aqui (Ejemplo : X4432T69) Icodigo -Para verificar que usted es una persona y no una maquina, escriba en mayuscula la primer letra de su codigo aqui (Ejemplo : X) y haga clic en Verificar
Su nueva licencia es
Haga clic en VALIDAR

To remove Su Licencia ha Caducado virus and unlock your computer follow this guide and you should be able to remove this virus. If you cannot get into safe mode with networking then Su Licencia ha Caducado might progressed and you will need help removing this virus. So give a try yourself and if it does not work then talk to our experts and see how we can help you remove Su Licencia ha Caducado virus.
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