Sirefef Virus is a nasty Trojan virus. It is also known as Trojan.Dropper.Sirefef virus. It is also known as Trojan:Win64/Sirefef.AA. It modifies search results and divert web search to undesirable sites. Some of the sites are known for Malware distributions. Sirefef Virus shows lot of pop up. It gathers your financial information and username and password which it later shares with other malicious sites. It even blocks the security site so that you cannot get rid of the virus. This malware could interrupt internet service and could damage your computer severely. It also has another variant named Sirefer.AC. It dumps various system files and secretly connects to remote computer and passes your information. You should remove this virus as soon as you see any indication of this virus. To remove this virus follows our guide. Read More →

Windows 8 Security System is a latest malware application. Windows 8 Security System is considered as fake antivirus program. Virus like this are distributed via fake online scanner and compromised site. Once your computer is infected with this malware it will launch itself when computer restarts. It blocks existing program and shutdown internet browser frequently. It wants to steal your personal and financial data. From user interface perspective it has nice looking graphics and very similar function of any antivirus program. After installing it will run the scan of your computer. After few minutes it will show list of viruses found on your machine. None of this is true result as this is just fabricated results and should be ignore. If you try to remove those infections from your computer via Windows 8 Security System, it will ask you to buy its paid version. That should alert you as it just wants your money. This software does not provide any protection against online threats. In contrary, it can invite other malware, keylogger, virus and adware. This fake software should be removed immediately. Windows 8 Security System appear as security software but cannot be truested. We highly recoomnd you to remove it as soon as possible. Windows 8 Security System Read More →

United States Cyber Security Virus is the latest ransomware for US based user. United States Cyber Security Virus blocks computer user all the access. Usually this virus spread via help of Trojan. This is also known as ransomware virus. We have seen various combination of this ransomware. United States Cyber Security Virus is not exception to it. It is similar to Reveton Virus that is been spreading over network since last couple of months. As soon as it penetrates in your computer it just locks computer completely. You cannot perform any operation on it. When you reboot your computer you will find yourself with message that you have been violating copyright and relates rights law. It demands you to pay $200 fine or go to prison. Most innocent user does not know about this scam and just pay the fine to unlock their computer. You really want to get rid of this virus but you cannot figure how what to do with it. No matter how many times your reboot this virus just takes your screen and does not let you launch anything. If you have existing antivirus and counting on it then you will be surprised to know that most antivirus will not be able to remove United States Cyber Security Virus. We believe best way to remove virus like this is manually as it hide under system files and registry settings. To remove this virus yourself follow our guide.

United States Cyber Security Virus locks PC

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Rootkit.ZeroAccess Virus is nasty malware. After infiltrating your PC, Rootkit.ZeroAccess Virus changes the system file. It is also known as Max++. It downloaded to your machine with fake security sites and downloads. It is very sophisticated malware. This virus hides itself from security program and deletes windows services. It even kills the good program processes. So you cannot even launch them. It changes your search engine result to fake sites. This is how they make money from you. Rootkit.ZeroAccess Virus can download additional program to your machine which involves more Trojan, adware and fake security program. It is important to remove this virus manually as it blocks legitimate antivirus programs. Read More →

Trojan.Maljava!gen24 Virus is latest malware infection. Trojan.Maljava!gen24 exploits Javascript security issues. This virus is been affecting Mac and Windows Operating systems. This virus modifies internet settings. It even changes Windows Firewall. It tries to steal your private information and shares it. This virus belongs to Malijava family. Your computer gets infected when you visit malicious website. It installs botnet software on your PC. After infecting your machine it downloads Python script and other executable files into your machine. So that it can control your machine from remote location. It can access your files, documents and your internet browsing habits. Trojan.Maljava!gen24 Virus chews up system resources and memory. You must remove this virus before it can completely damage your computer. Read More →