Ads not by this site is a malicious application. This virus combined with other Trojans, Spyware, rootkits and worms could be dangerous to your computer security and privacy. “Ads not by this site virus” is an adware infection that shows annoying ads from its associated site. Your browser keeps getting redirected to certain website. The purpose of these sites is to collect as much of your personal data and shopping habits as it can so it can sell it to it’s marketing companies. Later these companies target you with ads and promotional offers and you purchase from them and they both make money. Sometimes this virus even takes your infected pages so your computer gets malware and Trojan which could harm your PC. You must remove Ads not by this site from your PC before you lose your computer and entire data. To remove it please follow this self help guide. Read More →

Information Security and Control Act (ISCA) 2012 Virus is another infection out there on internet using Government Office name. This malicious application created by hackers to perform dirty tricks on innocent people to make easy money. Just like Ukash, FBI MoneyPak, and Canandian Police virus Information Security and Control Act (ISCA) 2012 virus also locks the user’s computer and the user cannot do anything. If you pay this application random (fine) it will unlock the computer. However it will leave traces of its existence behind. Meaning your computer will be still infected with Trojan and other viruses. It’s just a matter of time and you will see another infection popping out and asking you for money. Like other randomware viruses this completely locks your machine even in safe mode. It shuts down all the important services like windows update, windows firewall, windows background intelligent service and many more. These services are essentials for running your PC safe and secure. Without them your system is wide open for attacks. We highly recommend to get rid of Information Security and Control Act (ISCA) 2012 Virus immediately. Read More →

Backdoor.Darkmoon Trojan is used for hacking computer system’s back door from the remote machine. This unauthorized access could have keylogger capacity. There are various combination of this Backdoor Trojan that releases every day. This application is a Trojan program that creates hidden functionality including Adware, Spyware, Malware, and data hacking. It downloads unsolicited files without user’s knowledge. This malicious application creates down loaders which will connect to remote servers and download harmful Trojans, worms, or viruses onto a user’s computer. This kind of program can download and install virtually anything to your machine. Backdoor.Darkmoon Trojan exploits flaws or vulnerabilities in Microsoft software. It targets a programming loophole or mistake in another program. Like any other virus this Trojan also distributes many viruses, worms and other Malware to networks from computer to computer. When users download and execute these falsely named files, their computers are infected with the worm or Trojan. It’s important to not open any unknown site or email as most of the spam e-mail we receive are sent from virus infected computers. That is normally how we get this virus. We highly recommend to install antivirus program as soon as possible and remove Backdoor.Darkmoon Trojan via using this guide. Read More →

Boxore Adware is an adware application that shows pop ups and ads on your machine. We believe this adware gets into your system with free movie sharing sites. Innocent people think they are watching movies or TV show for free while in the background this adware is getting installed along with other Trojan and malware. Usually to watch these movies and shows, website ask you download either plugin or video player. Once you have installed those plugin and player it also installs adware like this. It adds toolbar in your browser. This adware installs boxore.exe and update.exe service in your machine. Both of these exe’s run automatically when your computer starts. This Boxore Adware trying to sell videos, games, music, software, and other shopping items that normal users buy via online. This adware keep showing annoying pop up and your browser gets redirected to unknown sites. To remove Boxore Adware follow these easy steps. Read More →

Windows Ultra Antivirus is a fake antivirus program. Like any other fake programs this also gets installed via free virus scanner, PC optimizing software, and other malicious website that wants to make some easy money by installing this hijacking software. Windows Ultra Antivirus software gets installed without users consent. So most users do not have a clue when it really gets penetrated into their PCs. When they restart their computer it will start showing fabricated scan of the computer which will finish up in one or two minutes. True Full scan could take couple of hours to scan everything in your drive. It keeps showing warning and threat alerts. Normally unfamiliar users with software will purchase this software and spend their money for nothing. Windows Ultra Antivirus cannot remove any malware or Virus as it does not have any engine or database behind it. It just uses scare tactics to buy it’s phony software. If user buys this software it installs other malware and Trojan and makes PC completely useless. Most of the time rogues like this are impossible to remove just by antivirus or malware removal itself. We recommend to remove it by both software and manually. For that read further on our how to guide Read More →