Windows Proprietary Advisor is a malicious antivirus program with same group that has created similar rogue application under windows name. Once purpose it exist out there to take your money. Windows Proprietary Advisor infects computers via hijacked website, shareware software, free movie download site, free fake online pc optimizer and virus scanner site. After downloading into your machine it changes windows configuration file to starts itself every time computer starts. This malware pretend to run free scan and gives you horrible security message staying your computer is infected. This program asks you to buy it software to remove those infection. Do not panic. Most of these messages are fake and Windows Proprietary Advisor rogue should be remove immediately by these steps. Read More →

Windows Privacy Extension is latest computer infection that breaking into the system. Windows Privacy Extension does not have any intention to provide you any privacy protection, but rather it just wants to take your money. This obnoxious rouge uses Windows name to hide its true identity which is malware. It will flood your computer with bogus security warnings. It modify the registry, add process in task manager, change the windows host file, internet settings, and keep showing messages of security threats. To remove Windows Privacy Extension malware to avoid from further damages, please follow these steps. Read More →

Smart Fortress 2012 is a rogue malware application. Smart Fortress 2012 bypasses the most of the computer security programs. This malware application get installed without user’s consent. The Smart Fortress 2012 is uses scare tactics by informing their computer is infected by virus and they should remove it immediately. It keep bugging user until either they remove this rogue application or buy its affiliate software. You should not ignore this signs and just close this program and continue with your other works. It could damage your computer severely if it is not removed as it can disable your firewall protection, can invite other malicious rogue to install, could share your personal information with other site, and most important you could lose the data. To remove Smart Fortress 2012 from further damage follow these steps. Read More →

Windows Custom Management is a malicious virus application that is created to deceive computer users to buy this unwanted software. Windows Custom Management application imitate real antivirus software. It pretends fake scan, infections list, and nice looking user interface. Unfamiliar users became victim when they see their computer has infections and their life long memory, photos, videos, and other important documents are in jeopardy of losing permanently. Do not worry about those illusion or fake scan as most of those virus does not even exist in your system. Only virus you need to worry about is Windows Custom Management itself. This virus can cause malfunctioning of various programs, browser hijacking, and lots of pop-ups. Hence, you should uninstall Windows Custom Management malware to avoid further damages. Read More →

Windows Control Series is another rogue antispyware application that installed and spread via help of fake virus scan site, Trojan and other social engineering site. On surface Windows Control Series virus looks like legitimate spyware removal tool. In reality it does not have any capability. It can only imitate itself by showing fake scan and list of infections. This illusion causes many users to buy its software which does not have any ability to scan your computer. It does not provide any protection against online hacking and threats. After installing it will alter windows configuration to run itself automatically. Windows Control Series could be dangerous if not remove quickly as it slow down your computer and it can disable other program. You should not ignore these signs and should remove Windows Control Series virus by following these easy steps. Read More →